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The Nature of Personal Reality A Seth Book
The Nature of Personal Reality A Seth Book

The Nature of Personal Reality A Seth Book. Jane Roberts

The Nature of Personal Reality A Seth Book

ISBN: 0553147722,9780553147728 | 304 pages | 8 Mb

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The Nature of Personal Reality A Seth Book Jane Roberts
Publisher: Bantam

In books such as The Nature of Personal Reality, Seth guides people to understanding their belief systems, finding joy in their lives, and seeing themselves as gods-in-training. Does anyone have a collection of these exercises all together? The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know by Jane Roberts / Seth. The funny thing, which maybe illustrates very well where I was at that point, is that I had a Seth book with me, The Nature of Personal Reality, and I spent much of my time there rereading it cover to cover. After 25 years of reading books about reality, consciousness and what has come to be called Law of Attraction, this is still my favorite and the one from which I am always learning. Prediction: Godin's next book will be an ambient reality hologram book. This story comes from Dennis who, among other things, introduced me to Glenda Green's book, Love Without End. Messages from Seth are compiled in books as Seth Speaks, The Seth Material, and The Nature of Personal Reality. In nearly all of the Seth books he slips in at least one or two "exercises" things to focus on, tips, etc. Should you work a ouija board, or buy one for your kids? True thought leader books are captivating because they 'get' how readers' minds work and how their hearts ache. Godin is an archetypal Thought Leader because he understands the nature of Thought itself. To this end, through Ruburt, I am producing the continuing body of the Seth material, and books, each in a different way geared to these goals. So, in the interest But it was “The Nature of Personal Reality,” by Jane Roberts as Seth, that I was most focused on, and every night into the wee hours and staying up alone, I would put on some quiet Steven Halpern music and read, highlight and review the book. Have you read the Seth book "The Nature of Personal Reality"? Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul by Jane Roberts. I'm guessing you're aware of it, but if not, I highly suggest it. I've noticed that the source of author's block has less to do with personal neurotic stories and more to do with lack of knowing to think, imagine, and design like authors. And if you really want to discover the ultimate source of wisdom, there is nothing comparable to the Seth Books by Jane Roberts, particularly The Nature of Personal Reality. I think you'd really enjoy it given some of the things you post. This is one of the Seth Books, which discusses the nature of beliefs in relation to reality construction, biological construction and numerous other things that are very meaningful to every day life.

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